Find out when your last $600 FPUC payment is

With all those dates being thrown around, when will the last time I actually receive the $600 be?

You may have heard about different dates with regards to when the weekly $600 FPUC (Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation) ends. July 31st? July 25th? July 26th? What happens if your certification date falls after that date? Do you still get the $600?

Our hotline has received multiple emails from people confused about when exactly the last time they receive their $600 is, or whether that date has already passed. In this article we will clear up the confusion so that you know when your last $600 payment will be, and can plan ahead.

The official end date of the FPUC is July 31st. That is when the law expires. However, the 31st falls on a Friday and the FPUC does not pay for partial weeks. So for all practical matters, the end of the first full work week is when the extra money will stop. On most states the end of the work week is a Saturday, while a few states end their work week on a Sunday. Regardless, this means that despite the official July 31st expiration date, the FPUC will actually end on July 25th for most of us

So now to answer the question, when is the LAST $600 payment going to be? The short answer is, that it will be added the last time for the week of July 19th-July 25th, and when you certify for that week, it will be the last time you receive the FPUC.

Different states have different schedules for certifying. But regardless of what day you actually certify for that week or when the date when money is deposited in your bank, you will receive the $600 for that week.

Let's look at a few different scenarios:

Certifying Weekly

If you certify every week, then when you certify for the week ending in July 25th, you will receive your last $600 payment. In most states you would do it on the Sunday, July 26th, but even if you certify later, you still get the extra money. After this certification, future weeks will no longer include the $600, only the regular UI.

Certifying Bi-Weekly

If you certify every two weeks, if your next certification date is on July 26th, you will receive your last two payments of $600 for the two weeks prior. If your next certification date is August 2nd, you will only receive $600 for the first week certified, and for the second week you will only get regular UI.

Claim Backdated/Not Yet Approved

If your claim has not yet been approved or you will be in the process of backdating your claim, you will still receive all the $600 for eligible weeks (ending on July 25th) even if your claim or your backdate request are approved after the FPUC has expired.

What Next?

As of the time of writing this article, there is no legislation in place to replace or extend the FPUC, which means the $600 will be stopped as per the schedule mentioned above. If it is extended or replaced, payment will likely be retroactive, however it might take time to implement so expect a gap between when FPUC ends and when you receive any alternate stimulus, if any is approved.
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