$600 ending - Frequently Asked Questions

UnemploymentPUA.com staff answers your questions about the end of the $600

Published July 24th, 2020

With the $600 ending, We've compiled a list of the questions we got asked the most during the past few days at our hotline and will answer them here.

Why was I getting an extra $600?

The Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC), a provision in the CARES act, pays an additional $600 each week to those eligible for unemployment benefits, whether they are under regular unemployment or under PUA.

Why is this being taken away?

By law, the FPUC expires on July 31st, 2020.

When will be the last time I receive the $600?

Your final $600 FPUC booster will be the one added to the benefits you get for the week ending on July 25th.

I thought it expires July 31st. Why do you say July 25th will be the last week than?

The FPUC only pays for full weeks, not partial weeks. In most states, the benefit week ends on Saturday. The last Saturday before July 31, 2020, is Saturday, July 25, 2020.

So does that mean I will no longer be getting unemployment benefits?

Only the extra weekly $600 is expiring. You will continue to receive your regular state's Weekly Benefit Amount after this. In most cases the $600 is a significant portion of your weekly benefits, so you could see a drastic reduction in the amount you receive after this week.

Is the $600 going to be extended?

Negotiations are currently taking place to extend or to otherwise boost the unemployment benefits

Can my state's unemployment office extend the $600?

The $600 FPUC is money awarded at the federal level and law must be passed in the house and approved by the President.

I thought I read that the HEROES act was passed and that it extends the $600 until January 21st?

The HEROES act was passed by the House of Representatives but has not been approved by the Senate.

Is there a chance that this will be extended on time?

Highly unlikely as there are major differences between the parties.

If this is extended or if a different booster is put into law, will it be retroactive?

An extension or a different type of booster will most likely be retroactive. There may be a gap of several weeks before you see the extra money.

I certify bi-weekly and my next certification is not until the beginning of August. Will I get the $600 one last time?

Yes, you will receive the $600 for the week ending on July 25th even if you certify later. If certifying for two weeks you will only get the $600 for the weeks ending on July 25th but not for any weeks after that. So you may get the $600 for the first week you certify and only regular UI for the second week.

My claim is still not approved, or I am in the process of backdating my claim. Will I receive the extra $600 for past weeks if I get approved after July 25th?

You will receive the extra $600 for all weeks in which you are eligible prior to July 25th, even if your claim is approved afterwards.

Why are some lawmakers opposed to extending the $600?

Some see the $600 as a disincentive to returning to work since with the $600 many people made more on unemployment than what they made while being employed.

If so, why should the $600 be extended?

The economy is still struggling to recover and there are not enough jobs. The regular UI by itself in many cases is not enough to sustain the average family and so should be boosted in order to prevent financial ruin.

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