Reviews is the best choice for an online school when it comes to safety, curriculum, and features. This review will cover some of the best reasons to enroll your kids to their program reviews

Curriculum has one of the most comprehensive curriculumss out there. In addition to all the staple core classes such as English Language Arts, mathematics, and science, (STEM) they offer 2nd language classes (including Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese), P.E. classes such as gym and soccer, instruments, arts/crafts, theatre, entrepreneurship and leadership classes, and many more.

Musical Instrument Classes

Learning to play musical instruments at an early age improves memory, stimulates creativity, teaches patience, increases discipline and time management skills, enhances coordination, boosts confidence, improves learning and social skills, and many more benefits! Kid hasn't decided on a musical instrument yet? No problem, classes are stored and be accessed throughout your membership, so they can start learning whenever they are ready

Pricing offers a variety of membership types suited for all budgets, from a monthly membership starting at $10 or less, as well as saving on longer term memberships, and up to a lifetime membership with no monthly fees.

JuniorFolioâ„¢ is the only school to offer JuniorFolioâ„¢, a digital portfolio to showcase your child's achievements, which can also be used later in life to help get into better colleges and universities.

Ease of enrollment

As a virtual school, all forms and enrollment procedures can be completed online.

Customer Service offers premium customer service through its call center, email, and even through their Facebook page! Most inquiries receive a reply within a few hours, even at nights or on weekends/

More info

You can find more info about's Kids Education Enrichment Program on their website: