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Notice: Make sure to maintain unemployment work search requirements compliance.

Contact Information:

  • Unemployment Insurance Questions: 1-877-600-2722
  • UI Client advocate: (602) 542-5954
  • email:

  • Advice/Tips:

  • You will get paid through an EPC (Electronic Payment Card) which functions just like a debit card.
  • You will get the EPC card approximately a week after your unemployment application is processed.
  • You can fill a form called form UIB-1091A to opt to have your payments deposited to your bank account instead.

  • Latest News

    Publish DateTitle
    August 20, 2020Arizona Claimants Receive LWA Retroactive Backpay
    July 13, 2020Arizona: Unemployment Benefits to be delayed by up to 48 hours
    July 12, 2020Arizona: Unemployment Benefits Emptied from Accounts For No Apparent Reason
    June 29, 2020Arizona: Delay in Unemployment Benefit Processing
    June 15, 2020Arizona Unemployment Benefits to be Paid Up to Three Days Late This Week
    Phoenix, Arizona