Another Week Goes By And Still No Deal For Enhanced Unemployment Benefits - Saturday, August 8th

By Staff, Saturday, August 8th

Tomorrow will mark the second week since the $600 FPUC expired, and when certifying tomorrow, many Americans will again receive around 70%-80% less than what was their benefit until now.

In the meantime, negotiations between Democratic Leaders and White House Officials failed to achieve progress. A 3-hour meeting on Thursday, August 6, and another shorter meeting on Friday, August 7th, yielded no results other than highlight the differences between both sides.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi had said that she is committed to the $600 amount, however Republicans oppose such amount since they claim it disincentivizes people from returning to work. In the meantime, President Trump has stated he would come up with an executive order to extend the enhanced unemployment benefits, however he avoided committing to any specific amount. Supposedly, such executive order would take advantage of unused funds from the CARES act.

With more pressure amounting on both sides, and with many families heading towards possible evictions and financial ruin, negotiations will resume next week and hopefully a deal can be reached soon. We will continue to monitor the situation so make sure to check back often for updates.
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