Arizona: Unemployment Benefits Emptied from Accounts For No Apparent Reason

By Staff, Sunday, July 12, 2020

The hotline has received multiple reports from claimants who are receiving unemployment benefits from Arizona reporting their accounts have been closed and all funds withdrawn. Many still had thousands in those accounts before they were closed, and were shocked to see those funds were not available.

An email they received from Arizona DES read:

Your card has been closed.

Your account was closed on 07/11/2020 at the request of your employer.

The remaining funds on your card have been refunded back to your employer per the terms and conditions of this program.?

This issue appears to mostly affect claimants who live out of state but are receiving unemployment benefit from Arizona.

In response, Arizona DES issued the following statement on their official Twitter account: "DES is aware some Unemployment Insurance benefit claimants received a message today from Bank of America of a card account closure notification. We are investigating in coordination with Bank of America."

Arizona DES twitter response to funds emptied will continue to monitor the situation and post updates on this page, so make sure to bookmark and come back to check the status of the situation.

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