California: EDD Benefits to Bank of America Debit Cards delayed

By Staff, Monday, July 13, 2020

The hotline has received multiple reports of delayed payments from claimants in California who usually have their benefits deposited to their Bank of America Debit Card account before Midnight on Sunday; But this week, payments have been delayed according to those reports and have yet to hit the accounts.

Zac B. from Los Angeles wrote "I usually see $1,700 deposited in my account by 22:30 on Sunday. But it's 1:00 AM on Monday now and still nothing. This has me very worried as I need that money to pay some bills this week".

At the time of receiving the reports, being very early on a Monday morning, we were not able to get a comment from EDD or from Bank of America, and will try reaching out when business opens. And while we could not identify any specific issue, there have been some delays in other states lately, causing the BoA payment to go through up to 48-72 hours late, which could be the case here. will continue to monitor the situation and post updates on this page, so make sure to bookmark and come back to check the status of the situation.

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