New Jersey $600 FPUC Payment Delayed

By Staff, Monday, June 8, 2020

Thousands of people collecting unemployment benefits from the New Jersey Division of Unemployment Insurance have reported their $600 FPUC Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation) missing. The FPUC is a temporary federal program adding a $600 weekly payment to individuals collecting Unemployment Insurance Benefits. It is separate from the regular weekly benefits, but for most people, this is a significant portion of their UI benefit, often being a lot more than the regular benefit amount. managed to get hold of a representative on the phone who assured as this delay is just temporary. According to the representative there is a backlog in the system and All FPUC payments should be issued within 24-48 hours. will continue to monitor the situation and post updates on this page, so make sure to bookmark and come back to check the status of the FPUC situation.

UPDATE (06/09/2020): An update has been posted. See here: New Jersey $600 FPUC Payment Update
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Notice: Make sure to maintain unemployment work search requirements compliance.