New Jersey $600 FPUC Payment Update

By Staff, Tuesday, June 9, 2020

As reported yesterday, the $600 FPUC payment was delayed for thousands of New Jersey unemployed workers. A statement issued by the New Jersey Office of Information Technology (OIT) blamed the delay on the fact that Bank of America was having an "issue on their side processing certain direct deposit payments due to weekend system maintenance." This issue would cause a 24-48 hours delay in the disbursement of the $600 FPUC payment. Bank of America initially processes many of those payments for the government, so this delay could affect the recipients whether or not their direct deposit comes through Bank of America.

As of the morning of Tuesday, June 9th, the issue has been fixed and has been getting reports that many people are starting to see the money deposited into their accounts. will continue to monitor the situation and update everyone about the current and any new issues. Make sure to bookmark the website and come back often to check for the latest Unemployment Insurance news.
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