New York: $600 FPUC Payment delayed

By Staff, Monday, July 20, 2020

The hotline has received multiple emails from New York State residents who report that they have only received the regular state benefits, but are missing the extra $600 FPUC this week.

Some were worried that the $600 federal assistance has already ended, however that would have been a premature ending as the FPUC is not set to expire until next week, on July 26th.

Upon investigation of the matter, we have found out that this is a system issue and everybody should receive the missing $600 within a few days.

The NYS Dept of Labor posted an update in their twitter channel:
"Last night, an update to our system inadvertently caused a delay in the release of $600 FPUC payments. UI & PUA payments were not impacted.

We have corrected the issue & FPUC payments will be processed tonight. You‘ll receive your money this week.

Thank you for your patience."

NYS Dept of Labor Twitter Update Regarding Missing $600 FPUC will continue to monitor the situation and post updates on this page, so make sure to bookmark and come back to check the status of the situation.

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