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Employment Workshops


Federal and state laws mandate that unemployment benefits recipients continue to search for work in order to be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits. Inadequate work search efforts can result in disqualification from the Unemployment Insurance program, and having to pay back benefits, plus penalties and interest.
In light of COVID-19, the Career Center has developed a new online program designed to satisfy your work search requirements and let you gain valuable job hunting skills by doing online career workshops!
NEW: Audit Protection. Included free! Scroll down for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Workshops designed specifically for the Unemployment Benefits Recipients!

Gain Valuable Work Search Skills
Gain valuable skills to help you find better jobs and a higher paying salary with workshops such as Resume Writing, Job Interview Training, Salary Negotiation, and more.
Satisfy work search requirements
All our workshops are designed specifically to be a work search activity. Satisfy Work Search Requirements mandated by state and federal law for claiming unemployment benefits.
Certificate of completion for every workshop
All workshops award you a Certificate of Completion which you can print and add to your Work Search Activities folder as proof for completing the workshop.
Virtual Workshops
Online work search activities are being accepted by the States. All our career workshops are completed 100% online, preventing exposure to COVID-19, and making it easier for you to meet the requirements. New workshops added every week so you'll never run out!
Anytime, Anywhere
24/7 access to the workshops, means you can complete them at your own time, on your schedule! Login from anywhere. At home or on the go. Desktop, tablet or mobile.
Priority Customer Support
Get priority customer support through chat, email, and our support portal. We guarantee a prompt response within 24 hours, even on weekends!
New Audit Protection
Get some peace of mind with our added Audit Protection! In case of a work search requirements related audit, a dedicated agent will assist you to ensure your work search logs are in order and help you gather any additional documentation needed to settle the audit. One less thing to worry about!
Free resources
Free Work Search Log, Resume Templates, Handouts, Downloads, and a lot more!
low price
We empathize with the financial hardships that many of us are experiencing due to unemployment, especially during COVID-19. As such, we have priced this at a low introductory price of only $39.99 for one year!
Rich workshops consisting of text, graphic, and video presentations

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Low price of $39.99 for one year of access!
Get a Certificate of Completion after every workshop, which you can print and put in your weekly work search activities folder.
All Certificates stored in student dashboard
Lost your certificate? You can download a copy anytime by going to your student dashboard.
Dedicated verification department
The state can authenticate the certificate by emailing our verification department. A dedicated rep will verify the validity of your certificate within 2 business days.

Full acess to all workshops

Only $39.99! Unlimited access for a whole year!
Virtual Workshops

100% Online

Complete all workshops through a web browser on your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or Mobile device at your own pace. All progress is stored on our servers. No need to attend physical workshops and risk exposure to COVID-19.

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Only $39.99 for one year full access!