Frequently Asked Questions about the LWA program and the LWA Tracker

What is LWA?

LWA refers to the "Lost Wages Assistance Program" which stems from an executive order adding up to $400 per week in extra unemployment benefits.

What isn't it $600 like before?

The $600 came from the FPUC which was mandated by the CARES act. FPUC expired on July 31st. The LWA only authorizes up to $400.

Why are some states getting $400 while others are getting only $300?

$300 is funded by FEMA at the federal level, while another $100 is optional and is funded by the states themselves. Many states do not have the budget to add the extra $100.

Which states have been approved so far?

See the LWA Tracker.

What is the deadline for states to apply?

States must apply by September 10, 2020.

How long does it take to be approved?

If all documentation is in order, FEMA can approve states very fast, sometimes as soon as 24-48 hours after receiving the applications.

My state was approved for LWA, why haven't I received the money?

After being approved, it is up to the state to implement the systems allowing them to pay out the money. Implementation times can vary by states with some states taking a few days, and others taking weeks. Check the LWA Tracker. If it says PAYMENT PENDING it means the payment system is still being implemented. Once status for your state changes to PAID it means payments are being sent out.

It says in the tracker that the LWA has been paid, why haven't I received the money yet?

Check the "last change" column for the date of the last status update. If it's only been a short time, it's possible the money is still making your way into your bank account. Make sure you have certified as usual. Otherwise, make sure you are eligible to get the LWA

When does the LWA end?

The LWA ends when one of the following occurs: The LWA ends on December 27th, 2020 or when new legislation is enacted by Congress. It will end before that time if the funds allocated for this run out.

Are funds going to last until the end of the year?


How will I know when the funds have run out?

Check the LWA Tracker for the "Deplete" flag for your state. If it says N then it means LWA funds are still available and additional weeks are expected to be approved by FEMA and paid out. If it says Y it means funds have been depleted and no additional weeks of LWA will be approved for that state. Make sure to also follow @unemploymentpua on YouTube and twitter, as we are constantly monitoring fund availability and posting lots of updates there.

Has there been any progress from Congress and the White House reaching a deal for new legislation?


Am I eligible for LWA?

You will receive LWA if you are entitled to at least $100 weekly benefits from regular UI, PUA, PEUC, or EB. You must maintain all other eligibility requirements by your state such as work search requirements. You must certify as usual every week or 2 weeks to claim the funds.

Do I need a separate application to claim the LWA?

No, just keep claiming as usual. In some cases, there may be an additional question requiring you to certify that you are unemployed because of COVID-19.

My WBA is more than $100, but after taxes are deducted I get less than $100, am I still eligible for LWA?


My WBA is more than $100, but I work part time and my earnings reduce my amount to less than $100, am I still eligible for LWA?


Is pay retroactive?

Payment is retroactive. You will receive back pay from the benefit week ending on August 1st.
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