Unemployment News

Below you will find the latest news related to unemployment insurance and PUA.

Publish DateTitle
July 12, 2020Arizona: Unemployment Benefits Emptied from Accounts For No Apparent Reason
July 3, 2020Missouri Work Search Requirements to be Re-instated on July 5th
June 29, 2020Arizona: Delay in Unemployment Benefit Processing
June 21, 2020Ohio to Start Denying Unemployment Benefits for Employees Who Refuse to Go Back to Work, But There are Exceptions
June 19, 2020Update regarding UI Benefit Payment Issues for School Employees in California
June 18, 2020Texas Workforce Commission to Reinstate Work Search Requirements on July 6th
June 15, 2020Arizona Unemployment Benefits to be Paid Up to Three Days Late This Week
June 15, 2020Start of summer vacation causes issue with unemployment benefits certification for school employees in California
June 14, 2020$600 weekly Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation (FPUC) ends July 31st
June 9, 2020New Jersey $600 FPUC Payment Update
June 8, 2020New Jersey $600 FPUC Payment Delayed