Start of summer vacation causes issue with unemployment benefits certification for school employees in California

By Staff, Monday, June 15, 2020 has received an unusual number of reports from unemployment benefit claimants whose last week of certification has been stuck on pending. Among further investigating, it appears that what most of those reports have in common is that the claimant has at some stage been a school employee, even if it is not their last job or their main job.

Presumably, since generally teachers and other school employees are not eligible for unemployment during a recess period if they are returning to school after the recess period ends (reasonable assurance letter), and since summer vacation is starting to kick in for most schools, the system is flagging those employees automatically and causing the claim status to remain pending. has not yet been able to reach the EDD for comment or to verify these claims. We will keep you posted as soon as we have more developments on this, so bookmark this page and check often. If you have any new info, you can email our hotline at

UPDATE:Update regarding UI Benefit Payment Issues for School Employees in California
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Notice: Make sure to maintain unemployment work search requirements compliance.