Unemployment Articles

Below you will find articles covering a wide variety of issues related to unemployment insurance and PUA.

Called back to work during COVID-19Can you refuse to go back to work because of safety concerns and still collect unemployment?
Can I work part time and still collect unemployment and the $600 FPUC?If I go back to work part time, will I still get the UI benefits and extra $600?
Unemployed turn to social media for answers, impossible to get through to live person at Unemployment officeFrustrated and desperate, for many unemployed the only chance of getting an answer lays in Social Media
Analysis: Generous vs Restrictive States in Terms of Partial Unemployment RulesWe analyze which states are the most generous in terms of letting people work part time vs which states are the most restrictive.
Unemployment Scams and How to Avoid ThemCommon Unemployment Related Scams, and Advice on Recognizing and Avoiding These Scams